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Life Insurance: An Unsung Hero

Understanding how much and what type of life insurance to purchase—and the various ways you can use the proceeds—may help give you peace of mind that your loved ones will be supported, even in your absence.

Asset Allocation: Location, Location, Location

Understanding the basics of asset allocation can get you well on your way to constructing a portfolio that is consistent with your investment goals, risk tolerance, and time horizon.

Mortgages: Are You Ready to Buy?

Understanding the pros and cons of buying versus renting—as well as the associated opportunity costs—can help you decide whether home ownership is right for you.

Responsible, Sustainable and Impact Investing: Are your investments in your social circle?

Socially responsible investing (SRI) and environmental, social, and governance (ESG) investment strategies offer investors the opportunity to invest with passion and purpose in addition to the long-term goal of earning financial gains.

Savings Options and Retirement Plans: The Miracle of Tax-Free Compounding

After college, you may find yourself considering multiple job offers. Focusing on the highest salary is tempting, but companies compensate employees in ways that may not be as immediately apparent.

Mutual Fund Basics: Power in Numbers

Stocks and bonds are the building blocks of portfolios, but few investors have the time to research securities. Instead, mutual funds offer professionally managed, diversified portfolios in one step.

Basic Investments and Risk: Finding Your Balance

If you are considering investing for the first time, either on your own or through an employer’s retirement plan, you will need to consider your investment objectives, risk tolerance and time horizon.

Stocks and Bonds: Getting Down to Basics

Ready to start investing but don’t know the basics? The proper investment mix depends on your unique circumstances, including your age, current versus future income, and the amount of debt you have.

Alternative Assets: Not Your Grandparents’ Investment Portfolio

Considering alternative assets? Hedge funds, private equity and venture capital may seem inaccessible, but not all alternatives are just for the elite. However, consider these key trade-offs.

Marriage and Finances: Loving Union, Legal Contract

While typically not the most romantic topic of conversation, entering into this type of agreement can provide the extra layer of protection you need to safeguard your assets or the wealth your family has worked hard to create and preserve.

Basic Gift and Education Planning: Your Guide to College and Other Savings

Although giving and receiving gifts is a tradition that most people have participated in their entire lives, you may not often think about how gifting can be beneficial from a financial planning perspective.

Estate Planning: You Are Never Too Young to Start

The two absolutes we can count on in life are death and taxes, yet planning for these two things can be an unpleasant process. Many young adults delay creating a will until they are married or have children, but you can also ensure that your parents, siblings, or other loved ones are provided for by naming them as beneficiaries of your assets.

Charitable Planning: When Fortune Smiles on You, How Do You Smile Back?

If there are causes you feel strongly about that you wish to support financially, charitable giving is likely an important consideration when setting your near- and long-term financial goals. While donating money to your favorite charities can be as simple as writing a check, there are various other options available to you for making charitable contributions that may reduce your current and future tax obligations and create a legacy of philanthropic giving.

Credit and Debt Management: How to Use Debt Responsibly

While credit cards have many benefits, and establishing credit is wise early in adulthood, a lack of discipline with your credit usage can easily create an undesirable financial situation.

Savings Basics and the Power of Compounding: Put Some Muscle in Your Money

Whether you want to purchase a new car or home, start a family soon, or retire by a certain age, you will need to plan accordingly to ensure the necessary funds are available.